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Ghazanfar Ali
5 min readNov 15, 2023



This azure devops project is divided into two parts:

1- First will be build pipeline.

2- Second will be Release pipeline.

In the build pipeline if the developer made any change in the github repo it will trigger the pipeline. It will pull the code from github repo and build the docker container image and push the image to the azure container registry (ACR) like ECR in AWS.

After the completion of build pipeline the release pipeline will be automatically triggered, the release pipeline will actually pull the artifact from the build pipeline which is the image on ACR, using that image it will deploy the azure container on azure app service.

Lets start building our project!

First task is to create the azure container registry.

Go to container registry service and create new container registry:

Create a new resource group for this project:

Put all the remaining thighs to default then create the registry:

Now create new project in azure devops organization:

Once project is created we will create two service connections one for ACR and second one is for github:

go to project setting→ service connections → create service connection → select docker registry:

Then select azure container registry because we will save docker images on ACR here select your previously created docker registry:

Now create another service connection for github:

So we have two service connection now in our project:

Now we will create build pipeline in azure, go to pipeline section in your azure devops org’s project→ then click on create pipeline→ select github as source code:

Then choose the repo on github where your code is placed:


In configure tab choose option : docker (build and push image to azure container registry):

Once validation complete click on save and run, it will start creating the pipeline:

Build and push has been completed. Go to container registry there will be created docker image:

Release to Azure Web APP

Next task is ot create the linux web app for the container, Before that enable admin user in your container registry:

Now to go home→ ap services → webapp(instance):

Image source will be azure container registry:

So the linux web app for the containers has been created:

Next task is to create the release pipeline (CD part):

Also add artifact once stage is defined, select artifact from build pipeline on which we will run release:

So we have added artifact source and stage 1 of release pipeline:

Also enabled the continuous deployment trigger on artifact:

Now go to task option under stage 1, select your subscription and authorize it so that it will be able to create service connection with other apps like docker hub, github:

Click on save and then release and wait for deployment:

The app has been deployed on app service you can find the url in Deploy Azure App Service:

Before accessing this app go to app service→ setting→ configuration → application settings →new application settings and define the website port 3000 because our application is running on the port 3000:

Then click on save and access the app on browser:

Thats all in this Project!