Build Your First WebApp on Azure cloud

Ghazanfar Ali
3 min readNov 21, 2023



In this project we will use azure app service which is web hosting service like beanstalk in AWS. It supports all the popular programming languages that web developer use. Through azure app service we will get the benefit of security, high availability, scalability.

First create a new resource in azure cloud window and webapp instance in that:

Then click on review+ create then app service instance will be created. You will get a url of your app:

Now we will git clone the code from github to our webapp:

We will deploy this index.html file:

In order to deploy on your app service this need to be a git repo so initialize this git repo:

Lets add a files to it:

This is ready to deploy but app service does not get the git deployment by default so:

This command will output a url that we can use for git deployment:

We will use app level credentials for app deployment, another is user level credentials that can use for all apps in your subscription. To use app level creds find them first:

This command printed the publishing username and password. It also gave the url that embedded your username and password we will add that as a remote in local github repository:

Then push the code to this repo address the code will be deployed:

We have deployed it on azure app service,

But what if we do all these things with one azure cli command? Just go back to azure cloud shell and use below command: